Meech, Oliver: Plot Twists
©2010 Oliver Meech, Printed & Bound by LuLu
Paper, perfect-bound, 86 pages
Plot Twists
Image courtesy Oliver Meech

Comments: The long-awaited follow-up to Oliver’s critical and commercial hit ‘The Plot Thickens’. This time it’s all about taking plots you know and twisting them until they become new again. 23 twisted items using cards, coins, flashlights, dog tags and more.108 photos.


1 Foreword
3 Introduction: Let's do the Twist
4 A Rose by Any Other Name
5 Flipping the Fingers
6 Two Countries Separated by a Common Language

10 Card Twists
10 Ambitious Balloon
12 Bike Light
14 Cartoon Camera
16 Unfolded Prediction
20 Feel This World
22 Torn Centre Switch
26 Bluebottle
28 Tarot Crib: personality readings without memory work
32 Act Accordingly

36 Coin Twists
36 Mouthy Transposition: sleight of tongue with coins
38 Pop In: coin in sealed Snapple bottle
40 Performing Dogs

44 Mind Twists
44 Truly Invisible Deck: remains invisible throughout
48 Swinger
50 Mental Ratings
52 Voodoo Business Card
54 Fortune Telling Fish
58 Google Guessing: memorize the Internet

62 Other Twists
62 Changing Expressions
66 Trampolining
68 Lucky Strike
70 Handy Ring Transposition
72 Love/Hate

74 Dale Hildebrant's Suggestions
76 Gregory Wilson's Suggestions
82 A Rose By Any Other Name
84 Acknowledgements
85 About the Author
86 More?