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McComb, Billy: McComb Comes Home
The McComb Experience
©1990 Supreme Magic
20 Pages
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McComb Comes Home
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Comments ( This wonderful publication is subtitled: First lecture in England in Years. Illustrated by Ken de Courcy. McComb is at his best with a range of props from ropes, balls, egg-bags, cards, and more.


2 McComb-ical Billiard Ball Extravaganza
3 About Face Card Stunt
4 McComb-ical Cheap Girl, Post and Ropes
5 When you "Haven't Anything with YOU"
6 Egg-less Bag-less Egg Bag
7 The Money Saving McComb-ical Rice Bowls
8 Hank to Egg Repeat with Sucker Finish
9 New Traveling Dove Feeder
10 Finish to the Diminishing Cards
11 Get Credit where you Can
12 Whiskey Egg-Bag Finish
14 Booking  All about
18 The McComb-ical Booking form