McBride, Jeff: Kundalini Rising
©1991 Jeff McBride, Inc.
Manufactured and Distributed by Zanadu, NJ
Paper, folded, 8 pages
(with card and gimmick)
Kundalini Rising
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Comments: a very magical rendition of the rising card, performed in the spectator's hands. While I do not condone the use of non-Christian spiritualism such as the Sanskrit, Earth Mother, and the Goddess of Illusion as used in this effect, Jeff McBride has the talent of making an effect truly magical to the spectator. This manuscript is a good lesson in magical presentation, though I would highly recommend the magician change the patter line. Kundalini rising was originally published in the December 1987 issue of Genii magazine. Design & Layout by Tobias Beckwith & Associates, Inc.
Illustrations by Steve Klose


1 Description of effect
1 Short biography of Jeff McBride (Ron Marz)
2 Preparation: how to set up for the effect
2 The Effect: spiritual/occult patter provided with clear directions. The selected card rises in the card box while the spectator holds it.
7 Tips and Refinements: how to care for the gimmick, tips on preparing the gimmick, and so forth
8 Quote by S.H. Sharpe on great magic