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McAllister, Bob: That Extra Touch
©1963 Bob McAllister, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 31 pages
That Extra Touch
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2 Photo: B&W photo of Bob McAllister
3 Table of Contents
4 About the Author
5 What's In a Coke?: gag with a can of coke
5 You've Seen The Vanishing Cane?: gag opener
6 Snake Camera: assemble for a few dollars
8 Smoked Herring: gag for a long balloon
8 JoAnn The Close Up Dog: balloon dog picks the card selection
9 Vanishing Half Dollar - the Sneaky Way: using a folder and a TT
10 Vanishing Silk: using colored Kleenex tissue instead of silk
11 Is It a Black Card?: novelty finish
12 All Purpose Utility Case: idea
13 Deluxe Close Up Case: another idea
13 How to Make a Clown Nose: that won't fall off
14 Cut and Restored Mike Cord
15 The Color Changing Match Pad: matchbook changes 4 times
16 Hanky Pocket Hanky Panky: comedy Hindu Rope trick
20 Dollar Bill Dice Cup: a chop cup routine with a dice cup and wadded up bill
22 Change Bag Cups: producing the change bag effect with plastic cups
24 Card on the Ceiling: a simple approach
24 Bullseye: cigarette sticks to card selection
25 Kingsize Please: growing cigarette
26 All Purpose Pocket Wand: 8 ideas for a multi-purpose wand
28 Card and Cigarette Opener: gag
28 Broken and Restored Balloon: variation on the theme
29 Dollar Bill Color Change: card changes color as pushed through a folded bill
30 The Climax: idea for ending for Slydini's coins through the table using two Okito boxes