Maxwell, Mike: Larry Jennings The Cardwright
©1988, L&L Publishing
Hank de Vre & Bud Fawcett, photos
Hdbk w/ DJ; 204pp, 7x10
Larry Jennings The Cardwright
Image from Denis Behr

Comments (DrDanny): A follow up work to _The Classic Magic of LJ_, this one is smaller in format and content, and for some reason harder to find. It contains just what you'd expect it to: sleight of hand card magic, almost none of it particularly easy. LJ's stuff often impresses me as being arbitrarily hard, merely vehicles for difficult sleights. Recommended if you like to practice.


1 Larry's Favorite: selected card lost in deck then found at a thought-of number in the deck.
5 Australian Poker: two-handed poker deal; performer or spectator gets royal flush (indeterminate ending)
8 Double Revelation: variation of Magician-vs-Gambler plot, from original in the Classic Magic of LJ
11 Open Card Change: X card placed on victim's hand changes to previously selected card
14 Long Distance Sandwich: spectator holds sandwich (K,x,K) then selects card which is lost it deck; sandwich card is eventually revealed to be the selection.
17 Secret Reverse: S freely selects one of 5 cards placed face down on table. Each card is displayed and gathered into packet; selection turns magically face up. + two variations/alternate handlings
23 Royal Reverse: spectator cuts 4 Ks face down into the deck which is then spread to reveal K's face up.
25 Vanish and Reappearance of a Card: card visibly vanishes then reappears in an open visual manner
28 The Daley Jennings (Dilly of a Daley): two handlings of Daley's Last Trick (from DV's Book of Magic).
30 Birds of a Feather: impromptu key card method of controlling two cards lost in the deck.
33 First Impressions: victim thinks of a card, performer removes one from the deck, they match. (Ralph Hull plot, "The 3 of Clubs" in Greater Magic; also cf "Mentalamazement" in Lorayne's Close-Up Card Magic)
38 The Little Princess: Hardin's Princess Cart Trick -- 4 Aces removed, spectator shuffles them and thinks of one; performer places one, sight unseen, into his pocket; spectator names his Ace, performer removes it from his pocket.
45 Princess in Waiting: variation of previous trick; spectator removes 5 cards at random, shuffles them; performer shows them 1 by 1 so spec can think of one; performer places one in pocket; thought-of card shown to be gone from packet, produced from pocket.
49 Three as Four Count: no effect, move used in following item
54 Twisted in the Middle: version of Daryl's "Twisted Aces" - standard twisting routine but last ace vanishes and reappears face up in the deck.
59 One Simple Twist: E-Z method for standard Vernon "Twisting" effect
60 One Thought Behind: Spec-1 thinks of a card from 1/2 the deck. Performer removes 1 card and inserts it unseen face down in the other 1/2 deck; repeated with 2nd spectator; face up cards are the thought of selections.
66 Red Rover Aces: Ace assembly w/ O.Henry ending -
73 Slap Aces: red and black aces transpose a few times, then vanish and reappear; Daley's "Cavorting" + "Leipzig's Opener" = not easy
79 Top Card Cover Pass: LJ's handling of Stanyon cover pass, as used in Slap Aces
82 Lost and Found: 4 Aces placed in a row, 3 X cards dealt onto selected Ace, other three Aces cut into deck, then magically change places with X cards on the 1st Ace.
89 Lost and Found Again: same effect, different handling
91 Undercut Aces: 4 Aces each cut into different parts of the deck, then appear face up together in the center
96 Larrollover Aces: 4 Aces inserted face down into separate parts of the face down deck. Instantly deck is spread to show 4 Aces face up together in the center.
102 Spectator Cuts the Aces #1111: two handlings of classic effect
109 Spectator Cuts the Aces Again: yet another handling
111 Subliminal Aces: same effect as Lost and Found, above
112 Slow-Motion Larry: ace assembly a la Vernon's Slow-Motion Aces.
122 Cloudburst Aces: begins as standard Ace assembly layout; aces vanish from respective piles to appear face up in face down deck
129 Covers for the One-handed Bottom Palm: two handlings( ouch!)
134 One-way Deck Techniques: two handlings
137 Jennings False Cut
140 The Cream Always Rises: 4 aces inserted singly into the deck and lost; spectator touches 4 cards which are shown to be Aces (use as lead-in for Lost and Found above)
143 Stud Bottom Deal: similar to Marlo's Havana Deal
148 Snap Second Deal Applications: one-handed 2nd, an extrapolation of the Snap Double lift from _Classic Magic of LJ_; several variations/applications
156 Slow-motion Card to Pocket: handling for gambler's cop
159 Bottom Placement: handling for controlling card to bottom + 3 effects using it (one a sandwich, another a Collectors)
165 The Tactile Change: top-change
169 Double Shake-out: two cards peeked (incomplete faro), deck is shaken and they magically slide out.
172 Peppermint Twist: a twisting the aces plot with color-changing back climax (plus LJ's handling of Christ Twist)
177 A Logical Conclusion: performer shows 8 cards in two piles: one is 4 sevens, other is 4 threes; combined then dealt out to show ace through eight of hearts.
179 Here and There: 3 spectators each select a card, cards are now shown as all three the same (e.g. 3 QHs); add AH to the packet, now shown as 4 AHs; magically change to 4 different aces.
181 The Changling: performer shows 4 deuces; one is pocketed and replaced with an X card; packet now shown as 4 nines; one nine pocketed and replaced by King; packed now shown as 4 Kings; one King removed and replaced with X card; packet now shown as 5 cards, royal flush.
183 A Routine for the Mullica Wallet: red-backed prediction card shown in wallet; card selected from blue deck; prediction is shown to match the selection; actual selection is found in the inner wallet.
188 Structured: card torn to pieces, vanishes, reappears restored inside envelope inside your wallet; uses a "Jennings" wallet
192 Hofzinser's Business Card Problem: borrowed business card is placed in a small wallet, which goes into a larger wallet; spectator selects a card which visibly changes to the business card; selection is found in the wallet. (Mullica wallet)
196 Hofzinser Sans Wallet: same effect without the wallet - business card is pocketed instead.
197 You Can Always Count on your Wallet: card removed from deck sight unseen, placed in wallet, left in view; spectator deals from deck, stopping as desired; stopped-at card is the mate (color-value) of card in the wallet.
200 Bonus Routine: Copper to Silver Times Two: two coppers, one in each hand; one travels invisibly to join the other; both coins then change to silver (two handlings)