Maxwell, Rev J.B.: Still More Magical Object Messages
©194?; Published by Devoe Magic Den, Missouri
37 pages, paper, stapled
Still More Magical Object Messages

Comments: This is a book of "object lessons" using commercial magic products to present a lesson or Biblical principle through the use of magic. The production values of my copy are poor, with two effects listed in the table of contents that are missing from the text, and one page of figures missing as well. Each effect explains the basic effect, the the lesson patter, and finally details of the working. The commercial name for each effect is also provided in case you want to buy the effect already made up (which in most cases you would have to since most of the items are not easily made). While some of these props are no longer made, you can likely find similar effects available today.


1 A Widow's Oil Well: this is listed in the contents, but missing from the book
3 Satisfaction From Church Services: Empty glass is placed in container and comes out full of milk, container is shown to have no bottom (Liquid Appear)
4 Sins Dropped Into the Deepest Sea: a ball under a handkerchief is heard to drop into a glass yet vanishes (Crystal Shell and Billiard Ball)
6 Saved and Safe: a borrowed finger ring is vanished and found in a nest of boxes (Nest of Boxes)
8 The Manifestation of Sin's Mark: a knot in a white cloth turns red (What-A-Knot)
10 Gaining By Giving Up: a card vanishes in a small box to be replaced by a silk (Drawer Box)
12 Showers From Heaven Shut-Off: water poured into a can pours out only on command (Foo Can)
14 So Let Your Light Shine: a candle is lit, and then placed in a tube just large enough to hold it. The candle vanishes to be replaced by a silk (P. and L. Candle Tube effect)
16 Ruptured Fellowship Restored: two long tapes are thread through two wooden blocks. The magician breaks the tapes in the middle, and walks through the middle (while spectators hold the ends) to show that the tapes are broken. They are then restored. (Hung-Blox)
18 Sitting In Another's Seat: a red ball transposes with a white ball (uses standard Billiard Balls with one ball of a different color)
20 The Delusion of Strong Drink: a bottle and glass keep changing places when covered with two tubes (Passe Passe Bottle and Glass Effect)
22 Days Full of Good Deeds: a blank stamp album suddenly becomes filled with stamps (Stamp Album Trick)
23 The Great Day of Division: five green cards and five red cards are shown, then mixed face up and face down. Behind his back, magician can separate the green and red cards (Gremlins Cards)
25 Saved From Satan's Snare: a ribbon is secured in a flat tube with a paper fastener, yet can be pulled free (Vis-Escape)
27 Capitalizing Our Calamities: torn and restored tissue turns into a hat! (Torn and Restored Paper Hats)
29 Multiplying the Widow's Meal: Rice Bowls
31 Writing on the Wall: a blank school slate is magically written upon (Spirit Slate)
32 Death Cannot Destroy: cut and restored rope
34 NOTE: pages 33 and 34 are missing in my copy: the figures are missing for the above effect, making the working difficult to understand. Also, the Salt That Has Lost Its Savor effect is missing (page 34)
35 Breaking the Brotherhood: Two wooden rings (bracelet size or larger) are examined and  threaded on a rope and tied in place. Spectators hold end of rope, and under cover of a handkerchief, magician threads a third ring onto the center of the rope. The center ring is also examinable. (First Class Passage)
37 List of Dealers (many no longer in business)