Maxwell: Clever Card Tricks That Anyone Can Do
1934 Max Holden, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 12 pages

Clever Card
              Tricks That Anyone Can Do
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Comments: Available as an e-Book from From the title page, "Containing twelve clever, mystifying card tricks that you can do any time any place without skill, special cards or apparatus...and without the need of lengthy practice."


2 Sleight of Foot
3 The Voice Betrays
4 The Puzzler Card Trick
4 Card in Pocket
5 The Obliging Card
6 The Joker Tells
7 Cards Behind Back
8 Mind Control
9 A Clever Spelling Trick
9 Another Spelling Trick
10 The Reversed Card
10 Mental Forecast
11 Advertisement