Max the Magician and Diane: Max the Magician and Diane Lecture Notes
1985 Max the Magician
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 28 pages
Max the
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Comments (Stephen Sparks): Showmanship, The Art That Conceals The Art, A Lecture On The Interpretation of Magic.


1 The Actor As Magician
2 A Definition of Terms
3 The Technical Aspects of Theatrical Presentation
4 The Technical Aspects of Performance
5 Characterization
6 In Conclusion

7 The Tricks!:
8 Balloons!
9 The Snail
10 The Cards!
11 More Than Simple Coincidence
12 Solitaire Poker
13 Odd Card Monte
14 Finis
15 Money Monte
16 The Patter
17 The Lovebirds Kissing
18 The Elusive Hank
19 The Wand and The Bottle
20 An Experiment in Alchemy
21 The Spheres of Life
22 Bibliography