Matney, Ryan: Fiver
©2005 Ryan Matney
E-Book, 11 Pages
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1 SpellSwitch: Originally found in "Card Jones." This was inspired by Alex Elmsley’s “Snap Switch” and features a Biddle switch that belongs to him. A spelling effect with a surprise transposition.
2 The Witchfinder General: Originally published in "The Midnight Oil". A spectator goes on a witch-hunt eventually singling out the evil from the good. The ‘666’ climax of the trick was a suggestion from Andy Hurst. Duffie/Robertson previously used the 666 idea in an effect of theirs. I believe Jackie McClements was the first to use this presentational bit.
3 Now It’s Now Again: This is a version of the ‘back in time’ triumph effect. I believe Ed Marlo was the first to publish a triumph effect with a back in time presentation. Roy Walton published one of the very best versions involving several effects, each one proving the back in time theme. Jay Sankey has also published a popular version of the effect. What follows resembles Sankey’s version but with Roy Walton’s added effects.
4 Automated Mates: An automatic matching effect with two spectators
5. Primal Scheme: Two thieves steal treasure from the hands of a spectator