Matney, Ryan: Card Jones (A Collection of Card Magic)
©2002 Ryan Matney
Spiral Bound, 43 pages, Original price $25
Card Jones

Comments (from Ryan Matney): Are you jonesing for some new card magic? ‘Card Jones’ contains 20 new effects with cards that are high on subtlety and low on skill. Also included, as a bonus 21st trick, is a description of the marketed effect ‘The Demolished Deck.’ This effect was a limited release made available to only a few and highly praised by many customers. Now you can read the full details on how to make this reputation making routine. Many of the effects in ‘Card Jones’ are impromptu. All regular cards, No gaffs.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 There’s No Success Like Failure: A routine for the classic stabbed card plot known as the "Magic Thrust." Here, a full routine of several effects in sequence is presented.
2 The Whitechapel Solution: A bizarre packet trick that allows your spectator to become the detective and discover the identity of Jack the Ripper! First published in Karl Fulves’s ‘Latter Day Secrets.’
3 Cabin Pressure: An invisible card locates a selection when tossed into the deck, this time with a kicker.
4 Discard Dating Service: Hofzinser’s Royal Marriages but this time the spectator shuffles and mixes the cards himself!
5 Helping Hand: A remote stabbing effect in which a random card finds a selection with a little help from his twin.
6 Magic Jack: Jack locates a truly thought of card and you never touch anything.
7 Desolation Row: A commercial version of the Hofzinser 4:Ace problem.
8 Close Your Eyes, I’m a Memory:A multi:phase routine in which you seemingly memorize the order of the deck three times!
9 A-Proxy-Mate: A baffling do-as-I-do coincidence that climaxes with the spectator locating the four aces.
10 Albanian Clanked Duty: Starts off as a standard sandwich trick but the tables soon turn for a surprising finish.
11 My Own Peculiar Way: You demonstrate a peculiar way of finding a selected card.
12 The Not Ready For Prime Time Players: Another hands off revelation of a thought of card.
13 Psi-Caustic: Turn your spectator into a psychic and watch as he performs this hands off effect for the audience.
14 SpellSwitch: A spelling trick that goes wrong…In a good way…
15 Scurvy in Your Pockets: A spectator pockets two cards from a shuffled deck and you divine them but there’s more surprises in store…
16 The Near Sighted Detective:A variation of the Lorayne sandwich trick ‘One Eyed Jacks’ with an entertaining story.
17 Amara: Bizarre Magick! A spectator plays archaeologist and discovers the identity of the mummy that is hidden in your makeshift tomb. She magically learns to read hieroglyphics along the way.
18 Twice Told: An underused sleight is put to use here for a 4 card production, also, an impromptu stop trick.
19 Wild Disparity: A strange prediction proves correct.
20 In Synch: Despite repeated mixing of the cards, two spectators selections turn up at the same place, at the same time, and then are revealed to be exact twins!
21 Plus The Demolished Deck!:The trick the magic magazines would like to keep from you.