Matney, Ryan: Gris-Gris
©2005 Ryan Matney
Paper, comb-bound

Comments: 16 tricks, A Mixed Bag of Love, Death, and Fate.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Primal Scheme: Two thieves steal treasure from a spectator’s hands
2 Pop-Hoff!: A surprising trick inspired by the Hofzinser Ace Problem
3 The Joker Comes Through: After proving his magical powers, the joker comes through in finding a selected card in a very surprising way
4 Riffle * Think * Pop!: The spectator thinks of any card in a group of five. The mental selection suddenly jumps from the deck. No questions asked.
5 Draw Back Your Bow: Cupid makes a match in this entertaining effect
6 Chang and Eng: A self-working matching effect
7 Now it’s Now Again: Back in time with an extra twist
8 Blackstone’s Ghost: A very direct self:working effect that uses a memorized deck. Use any stack you already know
9 The Soldier’s Bible: The deck’s most famous bullet locates a selection in a magical way with a great kicker ending
10 Royal Rising: The four tens perform some magic before producing a royal flush of the spectator’s choice
11 Standing Royal Rising: You hold the four tens at your finger tips, the spectator chooses one. You instantly change the remaining tens into a matching royal flush. No palming; nothing difficult.
12 No Name on the Bullet: One by one, you call the order the aces will turn up from a deck that is repeatedly shuffled by the spectator. The ending comes as a big surprise. Gain a reputation as a card expert with an almost self:working routine
13 Conjure, Wife: The witches are back
14 To Wake the Dead: A streamlined, impromptu, self:working playlet based on some of my earlier ideas
15 The Man From Planet X: One spectator reads the others mind
16 Final Curtain: A famous magician takes his final bow