Mason, Mark: It Beats Working!
2006 (circa) Mark Mason, Blackpool, U.K.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 15 pages
It Beats
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Comments: Lecture Notes by Mark Mason


1 Introduction
2 Flying Low: Comedy ambitious card routine with the card from the fly
4 Pop Out Transpo: Card transposition routine using the Pop Out move
4 Spellbound Again: Mark's rendition of the Spellbound coin routine with a C/S and a Chinese coin
6 Spellbound Grip Ideas:
6 - Retention Vanish: for coin work
6 - Silk and Coin: coin vanish
6 Attitude Force: Mark's version of the classic force
7 Stuck Up Monte: version of three card Monte with a clever revelation
9 Stealy Good: card steal move
10 Put and Take Move: a false take card move; magician apparently places card in pocket while it remains on bottom of deck
11 Foot and Mouth: Mark's handling of Simon Lovell's "fingered" effect from his Trik a Tape video (cards)
11 Hindu Rope Surprise: Dancing rope (using IT)
12 Silk and Sleeve: sponge ball routine