Mason, Eric (The Great Masoni): Showmanship Out of the Hat
©1970 (circa), The Supreme Magic Company, England
Paper, 50 pages
Showmanship Out
              of the Hat
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Comments:From the preface: "Showmanship in the presentation of magical effects, whether they be large illusions or small intimate tricks, determines the success of the performer. The artist who aspires to become active in the wide field of show business, bringing either financial reward as a professional entertainer's popularity, must develop his sense of presentation and strength of personality. No professional magician has gained more practical experience than Eric Mason (the Great Masoni - not to be confused with Eric Mason who published Pabular magazine), the author of this book, who for many years topped music hall bills in this country and overseas, both as an entertainer in magic and as master illusionist with his company of assistants. Masoni now enables the student to benefit from his wealth of experience and to learn from his practical advice, which he offers in this book. Whilst many books have been devoted to the art of magic and the secrets of effects, few authors have contributed to the essential application of those effects in the necessary showmanship of their presentation. I commend this work from the pen of a skilled performer to those who wish to become fully proficient in the practice of the art and may remember "It's not what you do" that matter to the audience who assemble to enjoy their performances."


5 Preface (Francis White, President of Magic Circle)
7 The Great Masoni (Jack Lamonte): An appreciation
11 A Touch of Magic (Wilfred Boyle): A layman's view
15 Introduction (Masoni): a sore point

17 Chapter 1
17 What is Showmanship?: The Elusive Something Under the Microscope

19 Chapter 2
19 Can Showmanship Be Taught? The answer is Yes and Masoni shows how!

21 Chapter 3
21 The Essential Points of Good Showmanship: Ingredients individually dealt with and their application examined
21 Dress: The right dress for the right occasion. Some do's and don'ts
23 Speech: Sage tips and advice from an experienced pro
24 Deportment: How to come on, how to walk on the stage, how to stand still

27 Chapter 4
27 Production: Arranging your programme. What to do, and when?
29 Rehearsal!: Investigating your effects
31 Acting: An air of mystery!
32 Patter: An integral Part!
32 Style: And the exclusion of others
33 Timing: How to point the climaxes
33 Tempo: Patter and the use of music

37 Chapter 5
37 Make-up: Straight make-up fully explained

43 Chapter 6
43 Publicity: Cards, Memo headings, Photographs, The professional view

45 Chapter 7
45 It's Not What You Do...
45 Assistants: How to use them, how they should come on, and go off
47 Taking Curtain Calls: Valuable information you'll use

49 Chapter 8
49 Conclusion: A synopsis and a test