Maskelyne, Nevil & David Devant: Our Magic
©1946 2nd Edition, Fleming Book Company, NJ
Hardcover, 336 pages
Our Magic
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Comments (Zigby7): With 86 drawings by Jeanne McLavy. Volume three of the Fleming Magic Classic Series. Revised American edition of the work originally published in England. It comprises work on the principles and practice of sound conjuring, in which the reader is taught by David Devant himself. He includes twelve of his choicest tricks with patter, from his own professional program. Maskelyne presents some very interesting information on the Art, Theory, and Practice of Magic. Caveat: Not an easy read, but the nuggets of information are worth the effort.


3 Part I: The Art in Magic (Nevil Maskelyne)
3 I The Real Secrets of Magic
6 II The Three Decrees in Art
20 III Unity
29 IV Consistency
36 V Justification
42 VI Surprise and Repetition
54 VII Effects of Transition
54 VIII Climax
64 IX Presentation
70 X Rehearsal
81 XI Speed in Presentation
84 XII Patter
94 XIII Stage Manner and Personality
98 XIV Mental Attitude
101 XV The Importance of Artistic Principles

107 Part II: The Theory of Magic (Nevil Maskelyne)
107 I Terminology
113 II General Analysis
117 III Misdirection
125 IV Styles of Magic
130 V Manipulative Principles
135 VI Principles of Mental Magic
138 VII Mechanical Principles
141 VIII Optical Principles
143 IX Acoustic Principles
145 X Electrical Principles
148 XI Chemical and Molecular Principles
152 XII Magical Inventions

171 Part III: The Practice of Magic (David Devant)
171 I With Playing Cards. The Triangle
181 Bibliographical Index of Card Tricks
194 II With Billiard Balls, Multiplication
212 III With Figures, Simple Addition
220 IV With a Borrowed Watch. The Forgotten Guest
233 V With a Borrowed Handkerchief. A Lesson in Magic
249 VI With Bells. Homing Bells
257 VII With Flags. The National Colors
264 VIII With Liquids. The Three Vases
270 IX With a Rabbit, a Ball, and Two Hats. The Silver Ball
282 X With Fish and Letters. The Educated Fish
290 XI With Doves and Rats. The Point of View
301 With a Canary and a Target. The Phoenix
315 Index