Marvoyan: Marvoyan's Bolivian Brain-Bafflers
©1984 A Supreme Magic Publication
Paper, stapled, 36 pages
Marvoyan's Bolivian Brain-Bafflers
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Comments (dmg89): Edited by Ken de Courcy. Drawings by Gina Elizabeth. The hidden gem here is Marvoyan's Headline prediction. It can be used as part of your show or as a stand alone publicity stunt.


5 Publisher's Introduction
6 Author's Foreword
8 Hypnotic Geometry!: spectator's think they signed a square, but instead find it was the circle
10 Triple Alternative: magician ends up with the money
13 Mental Poker: remove the four aces from a borrowed deck while blindfolded
15 Minds in Control: woman selects the message written by her significant other
18 Pocket Psychometry
20 Mind Over Matter
22 My Bold Prediction: headline prediction
25 Science Fiction Prediction
27 Impossible Money
29 Marvoyan's Magic Rabbit
33 My Crazy Liquid Glass
34 Bundle of Bank Notes