Marshall, Frances (Editor): The Sponge Book; How to Do Sponge Ball Tricks
"By an assortment of prominent Sponge Ballers"
1960 Magic, Inc.
Illustrated by Robert Olson
The Sponge ball Book

Comment: Good book of sponge ball magic. The book makes some references to items that are not in the book such as how to make a few of the gimmicked sponges.


3 Albert Goshman B&W Photo
4 Goshman's Sponge Routine: A purse frame is displayed and three sponge balls are removed from it. One ball is placed in one of the spectator's hands while the magician takes the other one. The ball vanishes from the magician's hand and the spectator now holds two. Both balls are placed back into the spectator's hand, while magician picks up third ball. Again the ball vanishes and goes to the spectator's hand.
10 The Ghost Balls: a two in the hand, one in the pocket routine
11 Three Ball Trick (LL Ireland): 3 balls shown. Two in hand, one in pocket. Three are now in the hand. This is repeated. Finally the balls vanish.
15 Big and Little Balls (L.L. Ireland): A large and small sponge ball is shown. Small ball is placed in one hand. Large ball is rubbed and becomes small. Small ball becomes large.
17 Silver and Sponge (L.L. Ireland): nickle changes to silver dollar, which changes to sponge ball. Sponge passes through pocket, and then the ball grows. It vanishes, reappears, and grows some more.
25 Leaping Leprechauns (Hugh Lambert): a sponge ball routine using a glass tumbler covered with newspaper and sponge balls. With a large ball climax.
29 Passe Trick (Martin Gardner): essentially a form of the 10 count.
32 Spicy Sponges (Frank Derrick): The passe passe routine with a risque ending using sponge bra forms
35 Crandall's Original Routine: uses balls, a ball to square sponge, a square sponge, and a spiral snake sponge. With Senator Crandall's dry but humorous patter.
42 Around the Block (Senator Crandall): some short ideas for two color ball to square sponges
43 Favorite Sponge Routine (Gen Grant): a routine using sponges from a matchbox, a dye tube, a TT, and climaxing with a multiple ball production
44 Surprise Finish (Don Alan): a surprise climax for the multiplying rabbits routine
45 Multiball (Dr. Jaks): Uses 20 to 30 sponge cubes. Teaches a good wand misdirection.