Marshall, Jay: Jay's Jinking Rings
©Undated, Jay Marshall Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, ILL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 31 pages
Jay's Jinking Rings
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Jay Marshall: Jay's Jinking Rings

Comments: The Jinking Ring set included two solid cast brass rings, one split ring, and a brass shell. If you could find a Jardine Ellis ring and some extra matching rings, you could likely make a similar set.


1 The Jinking Rings: described
1 Rope Ring and Rod (Jim Ryan): ring vanishes from rope to be found on a pencil; uses three spectators (just one solid ring)
5 Ring Too (Harry Lorayne): Using two solid rings. A quickie where the Ring ends up on pen though held by the ends by a spectator
7 Combination (Ellis, Millidge, Taylor, Bennett): ring off string with a finger ring twist. Jardine Ellis set plus an extra ring.
10 The Ring String Thing (Corinda): ring appears on a string tied around your leg. Uses two solid rings.
12 Ringer (Okito): the classic ring off string
15 Take This Ring (John Derris): From the Pentagram Magazine, a ring ends up on a knot in the middle of a rope
17 The Ring and Shell Trick: Ring on Wand, uses a Jardine Ellis set
19 Thumb Fun (Franklin V. Taylor): From Phoenix Magazine #267. Ellis Ring routine.
21 The Weisenheimer Coin Trick: Penny vanishes and reappears, using the two solid rings.
22 Lee's Demonstrator (Lee Wayne): ring off string, uses split and solid rings
23 The Captive Finger Ring: finger ring off string, despite being trapped between two other rings. Uses split and solid ring.
24 Ring Off the String (Millard Lichter): Using cord, split, normal ring.
25 The Elmsley Routine: ring threads itself onto a handkerchief after being dropped into it. Uses Ellis ring & heavy silk handkerchief
27 Some Marlo Specials (Ed Marlo)
27 - Double Some Thumb: based on Thumb Fun, using two solids and shell, and two handkerchiefs
28 - Miniature Power of Darkness: Routine using two solids and a shell, and intended for one spectator
29 - Trsnsposition Rings: Ring transposes from spectator's thumb to magician's. Uses two solid, one shell and one handkerchief.
29 - Marlo's Ring Off Pencil: using the entire set, plus a pencil and handkerchief
31 - Marlo's Linking Jinking Rings: Using the split and Ellis Set. Two rings link, used as a climax after other ring tricks.
31 Split Shell (Millard Lichter): idea about a custom shell