Marshall, Frances: Trade Shows An Inside Insight
©1980 (circa), Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 9x11.5", 60 pages
Trade Shows an
              Inside Insight
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3 Dick Stoner
4 Dear Abbey
6 How Much Do I Charge for a Trade Show?
8 Trade Shows Now and Where They're Headed
11 Snodell on Trade Shows
12 Trade Show Scenes
13 An Inside Look at a Trade Show Survey
14 Mike Rogers on Trade Shows
15 Dick Swandby, Trade Show Expert, Surveys the Situation
19 Exhibit Performance Can Be Measured
23 How to Use Attention Getting Techniques
27 Review of a Trade Show Biggie
28 Comments on Trade Shows by Harry Lorayne
29 Tom and Liza Tucker and ESP Inc
31 Nothing Succeeds Like Success
31 Willy Wonka
32 Attracting the Crowd, Eddie Tullock Style
34 Del Ray and the Hospitality Suites
34 Trade Shows, a Definite Sales Tool
35 What Went Before
36 Fabulous World of Trade Shows
42 Profile of a Trade Show Entrepreneur
53 The Business Oriented Magician
55 Putting Magic into the Trade Exhibit