Marshall, Frances & Jay: The Success Book Vol. 1
©1973 Magic Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", approx. 195 pages
The Success Book
              Volume One
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Marshall Success Book Vol 1
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Comments: By Frances and Jay Marshall and a panel of experts


3 Introduction
7 Why This Book Was Written
12 You, the Performer
21 Formal Wear Chart
23 How to Look Your Best Under the Worst Possible Circumstances
32 How to Look Your Best Part II: Make Up ad Character Suggestions
43 The Tricks
46 Brief Outline on the Presentation of Magic
51 The Assistant
59 Staging the Show
68 Staging the Show Part II
75 Patter
81 Presentation for an Anniversary Show
81 Money Like Magic: Demonstration/Speed with magic for money raising events
82 The Visitors
99 Packing for the Show
91 Jay Marshall's List of Magicians' Necessities
93 Work With the Animals
102 Booking the Magic Show
109 Help Yourself to Headlines
123 Promoting Yourself In Your Own Home Town
140 You Sure Know How to Hurt a Guy!: An evaluation test
143 Loss!
150 How to Avoid Accidents
153 The Magic of Taxes
157 After You're Gone
161 The Santa Caper
166 USO
171 Entertaining In Hospitals
177 The Boiler Room
183 Cruise Ship Magic
186 Theatre of Illusion
190 Shopping Centers and Malls
193 Helping Them Raise Money