Marlo, Ed: Deck Deception
©1942 1st Printing, Magic Inc., Chicago
Paper, stapled, 20 pages
Deck Deception
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (Magic, Inc.): "Some great tricks and moves in this one. Well illustrated."


3 Foreword
5 Casanova Card Trick
8 Marlo's Double Vanish and Recovery
10 Torn Deck Mystery
11 A Good Number
13 Number Transpo
14 Marlo's Running Cut: a beautiful flourish
15 Marlo's Lessinout System and Cull & Stock Shuffles: Marlo's System of Cull & Stock Shuffles
17 The Spy
18 Divining Hanky
19 Marlo's Card to Card Case
20 The Magical Gambler
23 Conclusion