Mark, Richard: No Way Q&A
©2000 Richard Mark
Softcover, comb-bound, 13 pages
No Way Q&A
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Comments: From the book, "This manuscript was based on the ideas of some very clever mentalists and inventors. If you enjoy this work and are able to put these ideas into practice, please thank U.F. Grant, Bob Mason, Karrel Fox, Otis Manning, Ted Karmilovich, Jack London, Dunninger, and the many who preceded them in the Q&A act." Also, Richard writes, "With No Way Q & A you will be able to walk into a room alone, without any preparation, completely cold, and answer written questions that appear to be untouched and remain in full view. No one ahead used nor do we rely on envelopes, transparencies, impressions, or blindfolds.  No memorization or device to hide billets is required.  No slights, chemicals or electronics...It is a trouble free mechanical method with some clever psychological deception that makes all seem logical."


1 Introduction
2 OM
3 OM2
6 Zella
7 The Real Secret
8 Outside of the Box
10 Ted K
12 Mental Method
13 Brochure