Mardo, Senor: White Sorcery
©1951 Morcom's House of Novelties, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 28 pages
White Sorcery
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Senor Mardo: White Sorcery



4 Proem: introduction
5 A Coin Routine: with four borrowed half dollars, and a prepared Canadian Penny
8 A New Cut Technique: cut and restored rope
10 The Vanishing Light: a DIY vanishing candle
11 Booming The Aces: producing the four Aces in a flourish
12 Rose: a prediction that doesn't always work
13 The Nudist End: using Hull's Nudist Deck and Haines Reverse Deck
14 Television Technique: tips on working a television broadcast
15 The Ball And Vase: an effect for the Ball and Vase gimmick
16 Matching The Colors: improvement for a colored ball and handkerchief trick
17 Dye Tube: a routine
19 The Adams Block: routine for "Color Vision"
20 The Yarn: magician chews a cut-up string and restored it
21 Three Out Of One Equals Four: a quickie for the bar
22 The Milk And The Sweets: a liquid trick
24 The Raising Card: another method with a gimmicked wand
25 Strippathy: Si Stebbins and a Stripper Deck
26 Sponges: a sponge ball routine
27 Faneggery: with egg shell and fan
28 Champagne Bubbles: with cork balls and a Champagne glass