Mardo, Senor: Magic for Bartenders
©1950 Senor Mardo
2nd Printing 1991 St. Pierre's Hollywood Magic Shop, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 26 pages
Magic for
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Comments:Some tricks and stunts for bartender magic


1 Foreward (Senor Mardo)
2 Cig-O-Sill: a cigarette put out in a glass of beer changes into a bill
3 Smoke Highball: pouring smoke (a science trick)
4 Changing a Dollar Bill to a Quarter: uses a TT
5 The Four Sixes: cards on top of four packets match a selected number
8 The Pyramid Effect: a science stunt with liquor glasses
9 The Phantom Cocktail: a drink is mixed in a shaker, but nothing comes out
9 The Coin Divination: magician always finds a borrowed quarter under one of three bottle caps
10 Heads or Tails: magician can determine by listening if coin spin ends up heads or tails
11 The Mesmerized Coin: coin balances on back of fingers
11 The Prediction: a dice mathematical trick
12 Crazy Fin: a five and one dollar bill transposition
14 Bite the Glass: gag
15 Gravity Outdone: stunt so that four eggs end up in four glasses
16 The Wilder Miracle: signed selection transposes from card case to envelope
17 The Bill Tube: bill vanishes from handkerchief and is found in a brass tube (commercial item)
18 The Bill In the Orange: vanished bill is found in a selected orange
19 Lifting the Ice: stunt with a toothpick
20 1000 Proof: science trick with rye whiskey and water and two glasses
20 Down the Hatch: an empty glass becomes filled with drink
21 Aldini Coke-Go Routine: commercial item
21 Dead!: simple center-tear
22 Turn, Please: using one-way faces of the cards
22 Which is Which: determine which cigarette brand is which by the feel of the cigarette
23 Dead Again!: magician determines which of 10 names represents the dead name
23 Hands Up: magician determines which hand was raised for 10 seconds
23 Through!: chalk mark penetrates the fist
24 Cigo-: a cigarette is made in the fist
24 Whisko-: whiskey vanishes in the fist
24 Salt-Go: salt vanishes but is then poured from the other hand
26 List of Tricks