Mardo, Senor: The Hands Only
©1947 Lloyd E. Jones, CA
Paper, stapled, 6x9", 13 pages
The Hands Only
Image from Owned Copy

Comments: Line drawings. Senor Mardo presents not just tricks, but methods to present them. Good lessons.


3 Preamble (Senor Mardo): about the book
5 Transfix: coin is trapped by a borrowed finger ring in a handkerchief, and yet is released
6 The Pervious Coin: a coin penetrates a glass and a table into a 2nd glass under the table
7 Extortion: a borrowed dime is wrapped in part of a paper napkin and changes into a penny
8 Creeping: A two phase routine with borrowed business cards, a matchbook, and some pennies
11 Uncanny Rags: a combo of the Afghan bands and cut and restored rope
13 A Wrinkle on the Miser's Dream: an idea for procuring the first coin
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