Marconick: Marconick's Original Magic Book 4
©1970 J.C. Van Velzen, Holland
Paper, stapled, 28 pages
Marconick Original Magic 4
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): More fine Marconick excitement in another of his fascinating books. Several sketches for every trick.

[Contents listing is from the Magic, Inc. catalog and may not be 100% complete.]

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers).

1 Impossible Cards
2 Rising Aces
3 Thimbles
4 Card on Mirror
5 Color Change in the Air
6 Cigarette Production
7 Instant Rope Thru Neck
8 Cut and Restored Handkerchief
9 Bare Hand Silk Production
10 Jumping Card
11 Fastest Knot in the World
12 Dancing Rings
13 Knotted Twice
14 Paper Streamer Production
15 Twentieth Century
16 Cut and Restored Necktie
17 Color Change in Glass
18 Cut and Restored Ribbon
19 Torn and Restored Magazine
20 Ring on Ribbon
21 Pin Up Card