Marconick: Marconicks Original Magic Book 3
©1969 Mephisto Huis, Holland
Hardbound, 80 pages, 6x9"
Marconick Original Magic 3
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): "The most inventive and original of all European magicians, Marconick has delighted many Americans on his lecture tours. You will be very happy with his tricks because his ideas are simple and straightforward. Each book is complete in itself. Dozens and dozens of excellent sketches."

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Production of an Ice Pail and Silks
2 Card from Fez
3 Chain Reaction
4 Vanish of a Vase of Flowers
5 Waterballet
6 Blowing a Crease in a Hat
7 Dog Production
8 Twice Knotted
9 Floating Sombrero
10 Up the Sleeve
11 Silk Appearance on a Coat Hanger
12 Two Silks Change Places
13 Catching a Card on a Rope
14 Borrowed Handkerchief Close Up
15 Chair to Suitcase
16 Silk Production from Card Fan
17 Silk production in Knot
18 Coca Cola in Newspaper
19 Silk Manipulation for Two Hands
20 Silk Return
21 Gamblers Dream