Mann, Al: The "H" Factor
©1982 Al Mann Exclusives
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 26 pages
The H Factor
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Al Mann: The H Factor

Comments: A book of Himber wallet routines. Available as an e-book from


i Foreword (Al Mann)
1 The Wallets: Himber, Al Koran, Bombshell
1 Technique
3 The Secret Thrust
5 A History
6 Advertisement: page for the Al Koran Wallet
7 Advertisement: page for early Himber Bill-Fooled
8 Advertisement: two more for Himber's Bill-Fooled
9 Page One: a Headline prediction with an Al Koran wallet preferred, specially prepared envelopes
11 The Coins From the Pocket: mentalist's and spectator's envelopes both contain same number of coins, using Bombshell wallet
13 Life From Space: an unusual routine in which a lady bug becomes real, for any Himber style wallet
14 The Name in the Vault: easy and impressive test
15 One Message: spectator picks only envelope with a message, with a kicker
16 Unknown Forces: card chosen matches prediction
17 Homer: card to wallet, twice!
19 The Noesis of NYX: card in sealed envelope, best with an Al Koran wallet
21 One Hundred Clams: One Hundred Dollar bill signed, burned and restored
22 Instant Mindreading: needs the Al Koran wallet with the glassine foto window
23 The Mounds of Ashtoreth: Mentalists duplicates 5 chosen cards from another deck
26 The Royal Album: an idea for the Koran photo window