Mangel, Ray (Dakota Dan): It's Gotta Be Easy
©Undated, Ray Mangel
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
It's Gotta Be Easy
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Comments: Came with gimmicked cards for Two Card Confusion effect


2 It's Gotta Be Easy: Introduction
2 Crazy Count: bar bet
2 Simple Subtraction: another bet
2 Is It Real?: A glass doesn't break when it seems it should
3 Six Coin Swindle: make some change!
4 Silk Thru Silk: one silk penetrates another
4 Roll of Bills: gag
4 Two Coins: another bar bet
5 Ash Trays & Coins: Magician always locates the coin
7 Two Card Confusion: Clever patter for the Two Card Monte (with gimmicks)
8 Super Math: trick that is not a trick but seems like one
10 The Second Chance Force: works 95% of the first time, always on the 2nd
11 Go For It: Making money doing pitch tables