Malbrough, Jay: The Magic of the Forks Hotel
©Undated, Malbrough Magic, Buffalo, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 35 pages
Magic of the Forks
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Jay Malbrough: The Magic of the Forks Hotel



2 Introduction and Dedication
3 Wanted for Fooling the Public
4 In Sequential Order: version of Twisting the Aces
8 Addendum: a small change to the above for a different effect
9 Four of a Kind: simple card routine
12 6? or 9?: clever packet trick
14 Ready, Aim, Faro!: gambler themed card trick
15 Stranger in Pair-a-Dice: gambling demo with a two-in-the-hand, one-in-the-pocket routine
17 Alchemy: gold and silver coins transpose
20 The Pause That: effective coke bottle production
21 And One is $20: short-change routine with a finish
24 Foil-ed Again: torn and restored with foil wrap
25 La Paloma: dove production
26 Poker Face: poker themed trick
28 Pinochle: clever packet trick, you don't have to know Pinochle!
30 Genie's Flashlite: card trick for the Lazse Beam prop (magnetic flashlight)
32 Epilogue