Magic Inc.: Tricks With a Folding Coin
Published by Magic Inc., no date.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 30 pages
Tricks With a Folding Coin
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Comments: Includes routines by Frank Garcia, Frank Lane, and U.F. Grant. Very few illustrations (the nine that exist are line drawings). If you have a folding coin, I would recommend this book as an inexpensive source of good ideas.


3 About the Coin: Explanation of the folding coin and how to put it together

3 Frank Garcia Section
3 The Famous Coin In the Bottle: Uses a borrowed half dollar (not likely to be found today!) and all can be examined at the end
7 Effect #2: Coin produced from Flash Paper
8 Effect #3 Iron in Your Blood: A bitten coin gag

9 Frank Lane/U.F. Grant Section
9 A Great Pocket Trick: A block of wood is covered with a handkerchief and handed to the spectator. At the word "Go", the spectator drops the piece of wood, which changes into a half dollar, and the magician is now holding the block of wood.
10 Thru The Card: A half dollar is pushed through a small hole in a card in to a glass
11 Half Dollar in the Wand: requires a "coin wand" or "handkerchief wand"
12 Thru The Hand: a half slowly & visibly penetrates your hand
13 Wrapped In a Dollar: Coin appears from a rolled up, borrowed, dollar bill
13 Production: Hands shown empty
14 In a Cigar: go to a cigar shop that makes cigars...
14 Silk Threads: a spool of thread is unwound during patter of silk used in making dollars, and the thread changes into a half dollar 
15 The Handkerchief Pedestal and Coin: a platform trick for the Handkerchief Pedestal
16 Thru the Hat: coin penetrates through a borrowed hat
16 Fake Back Palming: with a folding coin
16 Thru the Cloth: coin penetrates a cloth held in an embroidery frame
17 Coin Trick With A Top Hat: slow penetration through a hat
18 In the Handkerchief: vanishes in a (Devil's) handkerchief
19 The Wand Shell: folded half in a wand shell
19 Half a Dollar: how to change a dollar into two halves - out pops a half dollar coin, and then the bill is shown to be in half
19 Thru The Knee: thru the knee of your pants
20 Ball of Wool: can be squeezed and they won't feel a coin
20 Before We Go Any Further: description of a simple end switch to end with a real half dollar
21 The Lipstick: coin from lipstick tube
21 With Two Nickels: Two nickels in the hand change instantly into 60 cents
21 The Penetration Effect: coin is wrapped in a newspaper and a knife blade is thrust through the coin
22 The Funny Half Dollar: the half dollar coin "bends"
22 In a Thumb Tip: coin materializes from a piece of paper
23 Saving Money by Quitting Smoking: from a broken cigarette
23 Bending Gag: coin bends easily through paper
24 Making Change for a Dollar: another version of the "two" halves of a dollar
24 The Folding Half Dollar Card Trick: half dollar hops out of the deck at the selected card
25 Don Alan's Half Dollar In the Bottle: a cute routine using a folding half dollar & matching real half, an Anti-Gravico gimmick, a crochet hook, and tiny figure made from a wooden match.
28 Here's How Matt Schulien Did It: Matt's approach to the coin in the bottle