Magic, Inc.: Card Tricks for Cardicians
©1978 Magic Inc., Chicago
Paper, 79 pages
Card Tricks for Cardicians
Image courtesy The Magic Gadget Site

Comments (Magic Inc.): Compiled by Magic, Inc., likely Frances Marshall. "Variety assortment of card tricks of all kinds - Self working, sleight of hand, quickies, classic - Take your choice. There are 38 to choose from in this collection."

Card tricks from Al Leech, Geoffrey Buckingham, Harry Riser, Roy Walton, Ed Marlo, and more.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Super Do As I Do (Geoffrey Buckingham)
2 Double Change (Al Leech)
3 Kings on the Loose
4 Preface to Out Of This World (Harry Riser)
5 Billy Wiggin's Card Trick
6 Cards of Sympathy (Jack Avis)
7 Five Card Super Vanish (Everett Lyda)
8 Turnabout/Nest Egg/Spectator's Force (Henry Durkin)
9 Kidnapped (Ireland and King)
10 Marlo's Hofzinser
11 Buckle Break (Marlo)
12 Marlo Bottom Count
13 Mystical Location (Dr. Moershall)
14 Nervy Card Trick (Roy Walton)
15 Hockley's Prediction (John Derris)
16 Invisible Deck (Bob Longe)
17 Invisible Deck, Effects, 1,2,3,4
18 Strike Three and Out!
19 Four Plus One
20 Surprise Rise
21 Quickie Reverse
22 Hypnotism & Cards
23 Two Black Aces
24 Poker Supreme
25 Where Are The Aces
26 Ideal Count Down
27 Without a Key Card
28 Slow Motion Nudist Pack
29 Ten Knights In a Card Room
30 Color Change Illusion With Cards
31 New Three Card Monte Move
32 All Fair Card Transposition
33 Cardlepathy
34 All Fair Hallucination
35 Switchless Switch
36 Utility Prediction
37 Sympathetic Card Miracle