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MacMillan, Ron: Symphony of the Spheres
©1963 Ron MacMillan, Lewis Ganson
Illustrations by Dennis Patten, plus B&W photos
Paper, stapled, 23 pages
Sympnony of the Spheres

Comments: "Manipulative routines with Billiard Balls As demonstrated to and photographed by Lewis Ganson who also wrote the text." Decent book of billiard ball manipulation. No shells are used, just balls and holders. References: Edward Victor Further Magic of the Hands, Lewis Ganson Routined Manipulation Part 2, Geoffrey Buckingham It's Easier Than You Think.


5 Introduction by Lewis Ganson
7 The Symphony of the Spheres
7 The Ron MacMillan Holder: spring loaded device explained
8 The Balls: with holes drilled in the center to fit on the holders
8 The Holder: described
8 Loading an "RM" Holder: how to
9 Other Ball Holders
9 Standard Holder: cloth
9 Two Ball Holder: two ball holder with pin and elastic as described by Edward Victor

10 Four Ball Routine: uses four red balls, one standard holder, one "RM" Holder, and one Edward Victor holder
12 Technique for Obtaining the Ball from the "RM" Holder

13 Eight Ball Routine: two more "RM" holders needed, as well as a waistband holder (described). Uses 8 red balls, and starts where the previous routine left off.

16 Fourteen Ball Routine: As performed by Ron MacMillan. More "RM" holders needed.
17 Top of the Pocket Holder: yet another holder described
18 The Routine