MacDonald, Gordon: Tips on Soft Soap
©1947 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 7.75x9.75", 38 pages
Tips on Soft Soap
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Gordon MacDonald: Tips on Soft Soap

Comments: Suggestions for presenting this classic magic trick


7 Introduction

9 Tips on Preparation
9 Soft Soap Suggestions By "Hen" Fetsch
10 Stuart Robson's Floating Lux Box

12 Tips on Introductions
12 Karrell Fox's Introductions
13 What Soap Do You Use?

14 Tips on Endings
14 Down in the Audience
15 A Surprise In the End
15 Delayed Reaction
16 The Spots Inside

17 Tips on Presentation
17 Milbourne Christopher's Presentation
18 Done With a Stooge
19 A Running Gag

22 Tips on Combinations
22 Sabar's Combination
23 A Line of Wash
24 A Tip With "Blendo"
24 The Vitamin Wet-Wash
25 "Twentieth Century" Soft Soap

27 Tips on Variations
27 Take a Card
28 How Granny Does the Wash
29 "Wacky Rabbit" Production

32 Tips on Patter
32 Patter by Arnold Furst
33 Doc Hallock's Color-Change Routine

36 Short Tips on General Presentation