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MacCarthy, E. Brian: Slow Sleights
©1934 George Johnson, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 20 pages
Slow Sleights
Image courtesy e-Bay seller SickofChanging

Comments: Billiard Balls, Thimbles, Cards, Coins, Etc.


3 Introduction
5 The Production Drop: Billiard Ball
5 The Best Change-Over Palm: Billiard Ball
6 An Easy Transfer Palm: Billiard Ball
6 Twist-Over Acquitment: Billiard Ball
7 Vanish from a Full Hand: Billiard Ball
7 A Colour Change in the Fist: Billiard Ball
8 The Fadeaway Vanish: Billiard Ball
9 The Enlarged Ball: Billiard Ball
9 The Drop Vanish: Billiard Ball
10 A Ball Passes Continuously From Hand to Hand: Billiard Ball
11 Color Change on Palm: Billiard Ball
11 Improvement on Standard Acquitment: Billiard Ball
12 Four Billiard Balls to a Cannon Ball: Billiard Ball
14 A "Steal" Thimble Vanish: Thimble
15 The "In and Out" Thumb Vanish: Thimble
16 Vanish of Two Thimbles: Thimble
16 Special Coin Tourniquet: Coin
17 The "Snatch" Fan Production: Card Fan
17 The Production of Handkerchiefs: Silks
18 Routine with Silks: Silks
21 Advertisement: Books by George Johnson