Lustig, David (La Vellma): Vaudeville Magic
©1920 Pub. Robert W. Doidge, MA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 29 pages plus ads
Vaudeville Magic
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Contents (from book):

3 Introduction
5 The Famous Needle Trick: needles and thread are swallowed and pulled out threaded
5 La Vellma's Method of Tearing a Pack of Cards
6 Acme Card Location
6 Card Telepathy
6 Peerless Card Divination
7 A Continual Card
7 The Magi's Location: card trick
8 La Vellma's Twenty Minutes with the Spirits: a full spirit act
10 Star Card Experiment: a 'think stop' card trick
10 The 'Noted' Card
11 La Vellma Location
11 Elliot's Production of Cards
12 A Mind Reading Wrinkle: on-stage assistant reveals messages whispered to magician
13 Rapid Transit Card Effect: cards vanish and are found in sleeve & pocket
13 A Card Problem: another stop trick
14 Card Wrinkle
14 Another La Vellma Location
14 Mystic 'Pip' Divination: arranged deck
14 Concentration
15 The Mysterious Poker Chip (H.C. Kleemann): a poker chip vanishes, and the number that was on it appears on a slate
16 Half Dollar Telepathy: cards selected match the date of a coin
16 The Reversed Card
17 Another Slate Test
18 Clever Billet Reading
18 Novel Billet Reading
19 The Obedient Card
20 Sealed Envelope Mystery
20 Card Mystery
20 The La Vellma Spirit-Message Effect
21 Card in Paper Location
21 Slate Test with Sitter's Own Tied Slates
22 The Magi's Book Trick: a book test
23 The Medium's Slate Mystery (Robert H. Gysel)
24 A Novelty Interlude (D.J. Lustig): A Vaudeville Magic Act for Two Males running for 12-15 minutes
26 Comedy Magic "Two" Act: with a clown
27 Comedy Bits of Business: a few dozen
29 Jottings: a bit over a dozen short jokes
30 S. Wilson Bailey: advertisement
31 Leo N. Rullman: Books advertisement
31 Del Arno Magical Apparatus: advertisement
32 The Great Mysteries Book: advertisement by Robert W. Doidge
33 The Big Three: another Doidge ad