Lunceford, Terry: Collector's Close-Up No. 3: Pocket Cards
┬ęDate Unknown, Terry Lunceford
Paper, stapled
Pocket Cards
Image courtesy Dave Berkompas

Comments: From Terry Lunceford's site: "The Pocket Card effects are easy to perform and baffling to the audience. As you will see when you read the instructions, you can produce almost anything from inside an "ordinary" playing card, including torn and restored cards, signed cards, business cards, salt, glitter, etc. The instructions even include details on how to make the product yourself."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Splitting Cards

2 Routines:
3 A Little Blue
4 Red With Embarrassment
5 Split Decision
6 Triple Threat
7 Destroyed Dollar Bill Production
8 - Version 1
9 - Version 2
10 Salt Pour Production
11 Business Cards
12 Glitter Cards
13 Your Choice