Lowig, Eivind: Stand-Up Coin Power
©1997 Eivind Lowig
Paper, 48 pages
Stand Up Coin Power
Image courtesy Jarle Leirpoll

Comments: A great book from Norway's leading coin magician. 13 new tricks and routines for the dedicated coin man. From easy to quite difficult. All the routines can be done while standing up, and require no table tops - just the spectator's hands.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Stuck: A quick routine with the nailed quarter gimmick
2 Vanishing Coins Across: Before a coins across can begin, the coins vanish
3 Breakthrough: Finger penetrates a borrowed coin, which is then restored
4 The Elbow Vanish: coin vanish
5 Magnetism: coins act like magnets and then fuse together
6 Vanishing Fistful of Money: handful of change vanishes
7 Flaming Coin: coin to lighter, and then coin is pulled from the flame
8 Three Coin Production and Vanish: from a napkin
9 Coins from Pen: per title
10 E.L. Coins Across: uses just three coins
11 The Pentium Concept: change, vanish, and production