Lovell, Simon: The Simon Lovell Lecture at the P.C.A.M. Convention 1995
©1995 Simon Lovell
Paper, 28 pages
P.C.A.M. Convention 1995
Image courtesy Dave Berkompas

Comments: 18 Effects, with illustrations by Hannah Ammar.


2 Introduction and Contents
3 Fingered 3: card transpo opener
4 Fingered 4: variation with Card to Wallet (Kaps/Balducci or other)
5 Packed Wallet: ANY wallet (with duplicate)
6 Pen Through Tongue: needs a gimmick
7 Tongue of War: variation for larger venues
8 Self Writing Pen: pen signs a check
8 The Nightmare Deck: comedy marked cards
9 Another Departed Point: combo of two Alex Elmsley effects
11 Selling the Roll Out: four coin roll out bar bet
11 Selling the Six Dice Stack: If you can stack dice, you'll like this bet
12 Grandfathers Beer: great conclusion for the bar magician
13 Elmsley Cut Elmsley: version of Elmsley's Diamond Cut Diamond (second deal)
15 Simon Takes on Le Paul: version of Quadruplicate Card Mystery
19 Predicted Bermuda: Do As I Do using 3 decks
20 Three Cartoons and Two Jokes: an interlude to the magic
21 Sneaky Snapper: a convincer for the old Snapper trick
22 Lemming Ace Exchange: a Roy Walton plot with regular and Jumbo cards
24 Heartless: the Queens and a hollow deck!
26 Double Trouble: card effect for two magicians
27 Bonus Routine - Balls of Steel: a lesson in misdirection