Lovell, Simon: Second to None
A Manuscript on the Art of Second Dealing
©2001 Simon Lovell & Randy Wakeman
Paper, Comb-bound, 57 pages, 118 illustrations
Second To None
Image courtesy David Berkompas

Comments: Originally offered as a two volume set: one with instructions and a separte manuscript for the photos, it has been reprinted as a 57 page com-bound book (photo above is book 1 of the original 2 volume set). In this book, Simon Lovell teaches the second deal. Every nuance of the sleight and its many different versions are well detailed. Simon predicts it takes about 18-24 months of practicing 2-3 hours per day to perform a reasonable 2nd Deal.


1 Introduction
2 Types Of Second Deals
2 Myths Of The Second Deal
3 Your Hands And Cards
4 How To Practice Second Dealing
5 Advanced Practice For The Second Deal
6 The Top Sweep Deal
12 The Side Sweep Second Deal
14 Scaling Cards From The Strike
17 Dealing Studs From The Strike
18 Scaling Cards From The Stud
19 A Variation On The Top Sweep Deal
22 The Push Off
26 Dealing Pairs (The Double Deal
29 A Simple Push Off Deal
30 The Long Stroke Push Off
32 Scaled Push Off Deals
32 The Specialist Scaled Push Off
33 The One Handed Push Off Deal
35 A Variation On The One Handed Push Off
36 Another Variation On The One Handed Push Off
37 Hand To Hand Push Off Dealing
39 The Side Sweep Stud Push Off
41 The Long Stroke Stud Push Off
43 The Specialist Blackjack Stud Push Off
46 One Handed Push Off Stud Dealing
47 Final Notes On Second Dealing
48 Other Second Deals
49 The Weird Stop Trick
49 The Second Deal In Lieu Of A Double Lift
51 Double Coincidence
52 Elmsley Cut Elmsley
57 Endword