Lorraine, Sid: Patter
©1938 Abbott Magic Company, Colon, Michigan
Paper, 64 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay Seller Folini-And-Sons

Comments: Patter suggestions for various magic effects

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Explanation
2 Opening Lines
3 Walsh's Cane To Silk
4 The Wrist Watch Trick
5 The Card In The Cigarette
6 The Salt Trick
7 Cut And Restored Rope
8 Grant's Talking Skull
9 Chinese Paper Tearing
10 Twentieth Century Handkerchiefs
11 The Chinese Sticks
12 Grant's Pig On The Slate
13 Torn And Restored Newspaper
14 The Stamp Album
15 Tip-See Bottle Of Milk
16 Card Between Metal Plates
17 Piff Paff Poof
18 Fir Tree And Ladder
19 Topical Gag Lines
20 Appendix
21 What Others Say