Lorraine, Sid: A Magician In the House
A Magical Monologue
©1939 Sid Loraine, Abbott's Magic Novelty Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.75x8.75, 51 pages
A Magician in the
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Comments: "A Complete Act with Special Effects, Tricks, Laughs and Surprises".

Contents (From book ToC, updated July 2017):

7 Just a Moment, Please!
9 A Word to the Wiz
11 The Tricks
- The Walsh Cigarette Case
- The Vanishing Knot
- The Poker Trick
- The Changing Card
- The Changing Magazine
- Dollars and the Giant Bill
- The Necklace
- The Good Night Banner
22 Special Equipment
27 Arranging the Act
29 The Act
38 Additional Effects
47 Conclusion
49 Price List of Effects