Lorayne, Harry: Personal Secrets
©1964 D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 52 pages
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: Material that Lorayne left out of his book Close-Up Card Magic. He calls it "an addenda to Close-Up Card Magic".


3 Forward
6 Four of a Kind: Four of a kind, named by spectator, lost into deck, which is mixed face up and face down. The deck is restored, except for the four facing the other way.
11 Red & Black Fantasy: Spectator takes a bunch of cards and separates them into red and black. Magician figures out how many are in each pocket.
17 Four More: Magician quickly finds four of a kind that have been lost in the deck.
20 Leap Frog: A thought of card leaps from the deck to a small fan of cards, reversed.
27 Magician vs. Gambler: Nice patter. Magician cuts four of a kind--spectator thinks they are kings, they are actually 4s. The kings are in the magician's pockets.
31 Color Quickie: Spectator blindly picks card from blue-backed deck that matches unknown red card. Magician does the same thing, but the red card is now a different card.
34 Revers-All: Deck is cut into three portions, one face up. Cards all face one way, except for two selected cards.
39 The Fantastic Card Square: First, magician makes a magic square with matching card suits and values, then provides numbers to make magic square with sums up to selected number.
49 Ten Card Puzzler: Puzzle, not trick, in turning over cards.