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Loomis, Dennis: Routine for the James Riser/ Dennis Loomis Micro Chop Cup
©2002 Loomis Magic
Paper, stapled, 11 pages; came with props
Loomis Micro Chop Cup

Comment (Magicref): This is the routine that comes with the James Riser/Dennis Loomis Micro Chop Cup sets. The basic sets include a steel or copper micro-sized chop cup, the Loomis routine, and a set of 3 balls. The complete set adds a steel flask, a shot glass vanisher, final load balls, and a carrying case. More information can be found at the James Riser web page or the Dennis Loomis site. The core of the routine is similar to the Don Alan Chop cup routine, but has been redesigned so it can be performed in the hands and adds several ideas for clever climaxes. The routine includes several ideas for adapting to a resettable table-hopping venue. For the full routine, a Topit is helpful. Lots of B&W diagrams are included for clarity. Highly recommended.


1 The Dennis Loomis Routine for James Riser's Micro Chop Cup
1 Advantages of the Micro Chop: no talking, awareness of ball location, looks like a shot glass
1 The Props: detailed
2 The Routine Outline: The ball jumps from your pocket to the cup three times, then two final loads appear. The balls and cup are juggled, and the balls disappear. The magician decides to take a drink and fills the cup with liquid, then changes his mind and vanishes the full cup.  
3 Introducing the Props and the "Game"
5 Phase One
5 Phase Two 
6 Phase Three
7 Phase Four
9 The Special Endings
11 Another Cup Vanish