Loomis, Dennis: The Dennis Loomis Cups and Balls Routine 2005 Edition
©2005 Loomis Magic; http://www.loomismagic.com, Third Edition
Design and Photography by Larry Utley
Illustrations by John Copley
Paper, stapled, 20 pages, 5.5x8.5"
Loomis Cups and Balls 2005

Comment (Magicref): The 2005 edition is a complete remake of the Dennis Loomis Cups & Balls routine. The manuscript continues to provide instruction, not just a good routine. A lot of the booklet is devoted to the moves and the misdirection that will be found useful in any cups and balls routine or Chop Cup routine. The line drawing have all been replaced with sharp, clear B&W photographs. The routine is designed to be performed seated, and can be designed to reset for repeated performances. It is clear and direct, and is not confusing for the audience as some cups and balls routines tend to be. Highly recommended, even if you don't perform this specific routine.


Origins of the Dennis Loomis Routine: Credits Dai Vernon and Eddie Joseph. 
1 The Equipment: prefers Auke van Dokkum cups, but also shows James Riser Traditionals, Paul Fox Squatty cups, and Ring 'N Things Bells of St. Mary cups designed by Harry Monti. Uses tennis balls as a final load because of their familiarity, and regular balls produced by James Riser. Also describes a set of "saddlebags" as used by Don Alan to hold the equipment on the seat while performing, though modified today to use a pair of Rubbermaid wastepaper baskets!
3 The Tipout: The initial move to place a cup with the ball hidden
4  The Loaded Lift: showing an inverted cup empty
4 One-of-Two Loaded Lift: show a single ball under a cup when two exist. Uses photo of clear cup to show all details.
4 The Cup Through Cup Penetration: an optical illusion
5 Herb Morissey's Penetration: a nice ball penetration
5  The Load: for a small ball
6 The Steal: ball is stolen while visibly loading it under a cup
7 The Classic Palm: with a ball
7 The Classic Palm Load: loading the cup from classic palm
8  The Three Ball Assembly: a nice move secretly loading two balls
8 The Smash Color Change: a nice ball color change under a cup
8 The Final Loads: covers misdirection and two final load styles in the Don Alan tradition
10 The Setup: described
10 The Dennis Loomis Cups and Balls Routine: the cups are introduced to the audience, secretly loading a ball under each
10 The Three Penetrations: a ball penetrates each of cups
11 Flight to the Left: ball moves from center cup to left
12 Flight to the Right: ball moves from center cup to right
12 The Three Ball Assembly:  the three balls end up under the center cup
13 The Three Ball Dispersal: the cups move back to one under each cup
13 The Balls Return to the Cups: the three balls are removed "to make it easier", and appear again under the cups, where they are removed again.
14 The Smash Color Change: a ball changes color under the center cup
15 The Reset: an alternate ending to reset for another performance
16 The Juggling Frame: a comedy bit introduction
17 Bare Bones Outline of the Routine: an 8 phase outline with small illustrations to practice with