Long, Chad: More Stuff...
©1997 Chad Long
7 Pages, paper, stapled
Available direct from Chad Long
More Stuff
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Comments: A set of short lecture notes from the creative mind of Chad Long. Short and sweet, these six routines are the type you'll be performing in impromptu (or almost impromptu) situations.


2 Dinner Time Prediction: a sort of impromptu napkin prediction at a restaurant
3 Sloppy Business: the magician wants to hand out his business card, but they are not his. He mixes them face up and down until they are a mess. Suddenly they are all facing one way except one - the magician's!
4 Spray Paint: an "almost" impromptu trick in the hardware store. Magician shakes a can of spray paint but no sound is heard. He removes a ball bearing from his pocket and smashed it into the can, whereupon the can shakes with the proper sound.
5 Ninja Coin: a coin is thrown in the air and the magician catches it on its edge between the first finger thumb.
6 Ninja Key: a variation on Ninja Coin but with house keys
7 The Vanishing Ring: a finger ring is shown to completely encircle the magician's finger. It is struck with a pen and vanishes.