Long, Chad: The Lost Cheesy Notebooks Volume One
©1994 Chad Long
20 pages, paper, stapled
available direct from Chad Long (http://www.chadlong.com)
Lost Cheesy Notebooks Vol 1
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Comments: Routines that Chad has performed for years. As lecture notes, the details of the sleights are not described. While the production quality is pretty cheesy, the routines are great!


2 Intro: dedications
3 Back & Forth: messages found in the deck end up pointing back to a card that transforms into the selection (Marlo's Tilt, Triple Lift, Top Change)
5 Cards Under Drink: A selection appears under a drinking glass, twice! (Pass, Lowe Palm briefly described)
8 Pen: a quick interlude when handing a pen to the spectator. First the removed cap appears back on the pen, then the pen is vanished and found in the pocket, where it is vanished again as it is thrown in the air, finally to be found behind the magician's ear.
10 Three Across: Four coins are held in the left hand. One is transferred to the right hand, and it is found that all four coins are now in the right hand. No gimmicked or extra coins are used.
12 T.C.O.H.T.P.C.: The Cheesy One Hand Top Palm Control. A simple method for controlling a selection to the top of the deck.
13 The Second Control: another fairly simple method for getting the selection to the top of the deck
14 Insta-Match: a quicky in which a match instantly lights and then instantly goes out
15 Circle o' Gold: an invisible ring is placed on the middle finger, then slid over to the ring finger where it turns into a real ring
17 X-Tracting 4: four coins are magically plucked from a coin box one at a time (uses a Boston Box)
20 The Non-Trick Page: Short essay on being yourself