Lonergan, D.J.: Diachylon Deceptions
©1934 Moderne Magic Studio
Paper, stapled, 26 pages
Diachylon Deceptions
Image courtesy Cosanostra Magic

Comments: Booklet contains 7 very easy to perform card effects using diachylon. All are clean cut and mystifying. the fact that you will not be required to learn any sleights should heighten your confidence, and thus improve your presentation. The author originally included a sample with the book, that is no longer there. However after looking up DIACHYLON, I was surprised to find it is NOT the same as roughing fluid it is actually similar to Magicians Wax. Diachylon is no longer available as it contained "lead". All the effects in this book can be performed using magicians wax, or as a substitute which I learned many years ago.."Chapstick", (Don't tell anyone)

The following is a quote from the author: "Diachylon (Lead Plaster) possesses adhesive qualities greater than the old form of Magicians Wax, which was composed of beeswax, with the addition of a small amount of Venetian turpentine"

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Hints & Uses for Diachylon
2 Diachylon "Stop" Trick
3 Diachylon Super-Color Change Force
4 Reversed Color Surprise
5 Diachylon Card in the Pocket
6 Diachylon Card in the Pocket Continued
7 You Do As I Do (As Diachylon Does It)
8 The Ace Transposition.