London, Ron: Tricks! Tricks! Tricks!
©Unknown, Ron London, West Lafayette, TN
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 16 pages
Tricks! Tricks! Tricks!
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Comments: I wonder if some of Ron's different notes shared the same cover. I saw a listing for this book online that stated it had completely different contents. The listing below is from the copy I owned. Each trick provides a Bible scripture message.

Contents (from book):

1 Top Hat Production: scarves are produced from a top hat printed on plywood
2 Invisible Scarf And Matchbox: become visible
3 Water & Wine Paper: newspaper and cups
5 Cut (But Not Restored) Rope: piece missing from rope matches card number
6 Bank Night: spectators select two ropes, the third being left with the magician and the bank note wrapped around it
7 Selecta Scarf: all scarves removed except the one with the knot
8 Win A Lottery !!!: the donor of the money wins it back
10 Five Bill Deplete And Restoration!: a short change story
12 Linking Pretzels: can be handed out
13 Ball In Glass: ball vanishes to be found in a glass
14 Lemons & Limes: odd fruit passes from one bowl to another
15 Oranges & Trays: stunt