London, Ron: Some Powerful Magical Routines
©Unknown, Ron London, Self Published, IN
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 22 pages
Some Powerful
              Magical Routines
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Comments: Apparently some of Ron's notes use the same title and cover image for different notes. I have two copies of "Some Powerful Magical Routines" with different contents (one with a green cover, the other a yellow cover). So, if you are buying a used copy, be sure of the contents!

Contents (from Yellow cover edition):

1 Money Catching: Miser's Dream with Bills
2 Miser's Dream: for coin and pail
3 Dual Dollar: doubling your dollar joke turns real
4 Bare-Hand Scarf Production: two from one
5 Scarf on Rope: scarf appears on a rope
6 Scarf on Rope Another Version: scarf appears in a knot
7 Scissors From Nowhere: appearing scissors for rope routine
8 Cut & Restored Ribbon: over knife blade
9 Scarf Thru Scarf: scarves penetrate but remain knotted
10 Rope Monkey Bar: ring jumps from knot to knot
11 Ring Around The Collar: rope penetrates neck
12 Ball Production & Color-Change: 2 balls produced and dropped in a cup, one changes color
13 Balancing Card: using TT
14 Four (or Five?) of Hearts: paper cut card prediction
15 Forcing a Card; with a short card
16 Cards to Pocket: cards vanish and are found in pocket
18 Color Ball Prediction: magician predicts which ball is where
19 Book Test: with special book
20 Color Prediction: bulldog clip prediction
21 Impromptu Vanishing Glass: for the standing performer
21 Penetrating Scarf: one scarf penetrates another in a glass