London, Ron: Magic In a Nutshell
©Unknown, Ron London
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 16 pages
Magic In a Nutshell
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Comments: Lecture notes

Contents (from Book):

1 Linking Ring & Key Ring: key instantly links on key ring
2 Vanishing Matches: from a book
4 Invisible Rope and Appearing Scissors: rope becomes visible and scissors appear
6 Cut & Restored Ribbon: cut at point specified by spectator
7 The Knot That Isn't: two knots tied but dissolve
8 Glass Suspension: from a handkerchief
9 Glass Appearance: from a magazine
10 The Suspended Bottle: from a rope
11 Color Change Ball: ball changes color under a scarf
12 Bill to IOU: Bill placed in a film canister changes to an IOU
13 Cards to Pocket: 9 cards vanish one at a time to the pocket